Quality policy

Extensive experience

Międzynarodowy Transport Ciężarowy Spedycja Władysław Gapiński is a company with long traditions - we have been operating on the market since 1980. We specialise in international forwarding. In our operations we make use of our extensive experience, leaning towards development and professionalism.

Top quality

Wysoka jakość - certyfikat BridgestoneWysoka jakość - certyfikat IQNetIn order to achieve complete customer satisfaction, Międzynarodowy Transport Ciężarowy Spedycja Władysław Gapiński has high quality expectation of itself. These expectations pertain to: customer service, proceedings procedures, personnel qualifications and rules for selecting subcontractors.

Quality standards

Certyfikat Systemu JakościBeing fully aware that fulfilling quality standards is associated with the future of the company and its competitiveness on the demanding transport service market we continually strive to improve our services.


The guiding principles in our day to day operations are, amongst others:- continuous innovation

  • constant service improvement
  • continuous safety improvement
  • focus on satisfying customer needs
  • commitment to works on raising the standard of services
  • compliance with the law
  • compliance with trade practices and setting out new ones


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